Katie Snow


Software Projects

Ultimarc AimTrak

A python script to support setup of the AimTrak gun from Ultimarc on Linux.  Currently this script supports Mamedev and Advmame emulators.  There is also documentation if you want to make the changes manually.

Python Script

Manual setup document

The script is also found in the Ultimarc-Linux github repository.

Ultimarc-Linux (2014 - Active) 
A Linux library and command line tool for configuring Ultimarc boards.
Ultimarc-Linux on github

3 Nov 2016

Today I have done a major update to the library.  The biggest changes are setting up the library so it can be used in other external programs.  Dramatically improved the entry point functions.  Then added the USBButton hardware to the list of supported boards.

This update to the library will allow me to start creating a GUI tool that will interface with this library.  Also in my plans going forward are to add library support for ServoStik and U-HID boards.

This library now support the following boards; IPAC2, IPAC4, JPAC, MINIPAC, USBButton, Ultimate I/O, PACDrive, PACLED64 and Ultistik 360.

For help with the Ultimarc boards and Raspberry PI boards, please look at these forums.  They will help out much more than what I can offer.  I will happily help with the tools I have created.

Utah Legislative Website Data Extract (2012 - 2015)

A small Ruby program that uses Watir to extract data from the Utah Legislative website.  The League of Women Voters of Utah use this program during the session to keep there members up to-date on the bills they are following.