Katie Snow


Software Projects

Ultimarc-Linux (2014 - Active)

A Linux library and command line tool for configuring Ultimarc boards.  This library now support the following 2015 boards; IPAC2, IPAC4, JPAC, MINIPAC.  Also the configuration file for the IPAC2 and IPAC4 has been drastically improved for the previous generation of the IPAC2 and IPAC4 boards.

Link to the github repository.

For help with the Ultimarc boards and Raspberry PI boards, please look at these forums.  They will help out much more than what I can offer.  I will happily help with the tools I have created.

Utah Legislative Website Data Extract (2012 - 2015)

A small Ruby program that uses Watir to extract data from the Utah Legislative website.  The League of Women Voters of Utah use this program during the session to keep there members up to-date on the bills they are following.